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Terms and Conditions

  • Himalaya’s Baby Royale is a rewards and recognition program of The Himalaya Drug Company (“Company”) in India aimed at providing loyalty benefits to all its customers. Customers can enrol voluntarily for Himalaya’s Baby Royale by logging in to the Baby Royale website.
  • Subject to certain restrictions on earning and spending loyalty points at certain e-commerce portals, Himalaya’s Baby Royale is open to all customers meeting the minimum requirements to sign up.
  • The Company may, at its sole discretion and without any prior intimation, either add or discontinue any e-commerce portal as a partner for Himalaya’s Baby Royale from time to time.


Enrolment into Himalaya Baby Royale

  • The Himalaya’s Baby Royale membership is voluntary, valid for a lifetime, and is non-transferable. Any individual who has attained the age of 18 years, having a valid and active Indian mobile number, and is shopping at any of the partner e-commerce portals/stores of the Company or at the Himalaya  online store, are eligible to apply for membership. Presently, no enrolment fee is applicable for becoming a member of Himalaya’s Baby Royale.
  • To become a member, a customer will be required to provide a valid and active Indian mobile number and adhere to such terms and conditions as may be prescribed for membership from time to time. The Himalaya’s Baby Royale membership will be issued solely at the discretion of the Company and the final discretion on all matters relating to the membership shall rest with the Company.


Earning Himalaya Loyalty Points

  • Mobile numbers of members are the primary identification for earning loyalty points upon purchase. Members need to provide their registered mobile number on login and upload the invoice of their purchases of Himalaya BabyCare & Mother Care products on partner portals/stores to earn loyalty points.
  • Apart from making purchases, members can also earn loyalty points by participating in various quizzes, contests, invites for user generated content and promoting the Baby Royale program on social media or other channels. These additional avenues of earning loyalty points will be run at the sole discretion of the company and may be discontinued without any prior notice. The tenure and amount of points earned for each participation will be decided by the Company only.
  • The Company reserves the right to refuse to award loyalty points for any breach or non-compliance of these terms and conditions or failure to pay for the purchases.
  • Loyalty points can be earned only on net bill value. Discounts and Loyalty points redeemed are not eligible for the earning of new Loyalty points.
  • Loyalty points earned on visits are applicable only for purchase made at participating partners.
  • Himalaya loyalty points earned would be valid for 2 months from the date of last purchase. The existing points balance on the customer’s account will be carried forward on making a new invoice upload of minimum INR 200 every 2 months. If member doesn’t make an invoice upload of minimum purchase of INR 200 for a period of 2 months, the points will expire.
  • Himalaya’s Baby Royale will introduce long-term as well as short-term bonus rewards, including but not limited to, app download reward, profile update reward, birthday reward, anniversary reward, etc.
  • Special offers, promotions, or items excluded by the management from time to time at its sole discretion, will not be eligible for earning of Himalaya Loyalty points.
  • Non-tradable items such as carry bags, contribution to charity, etc.
  • There is no maximum limit on the Loyalty points which a member can earn by making purchases and participating in activities. However, Company may decide to limit the number of times a member can participate in a single contest, quiz or any such activity.


Spending Himalaya Loyalty Points

  • Himalaya Loyalty points earned by a member can be spent towards redeeming rewards from the provided list on the Baby Royale website/app subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein. Himalaya loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The value of 1 loyalty point is Rs 0.5 once the transaction is completed, loyalty points in a member’s account will be reduced to the extent of the loyalty points spent. If there is any shortfall in payment under an invoice after spending the loyalty points, the member should select an alternate reward or increase their points by adding more transaction invoices or participating in other point earning activities.
  • Himalaya’s Baby Royale and its benefits are available only to the enrolled members. For spending loyalty points members need to visit the Baby Royale site/app and place a redemption order. Upon such request, an OTP will be sent to the member’s registered mobile number as available in the records, and he/she will be required to provide the OTP so generated for validating such spending, failing which spending of loyalty points may be refused.
  • The member shall be responsible for providing and updating his/her mobile number at the time of enrolment and subsequently. For validating spending through the OTP process, the Company relies solely on the mobile number provided by the member from time to time and registered in its records and shall not be liable for any consequences due to incorrect mobile number being provided or failure on the part of the member to forthwith update any change in his/her mobile number.
  • Company may at any time and without prior notice, temporarily or permanently withdraw the OTP process for validating spending of loyalty points.
  • Loyalty points once spent against a purchase can in no event be re-credited or reversed.
  • No cash refund will be entertained for purchases made by spending loyalty points in the case of purchase returns.
  • Company reserves the right to refuse spending of loyalty points for any breach or non-compliance of these terms and conditions or failure to pay for the purchases.


Other terms and conditions

  • If the rewards issued against spent loyalty points is lost, the Company will not be responsible or liable in any manner and no duplicate reward will be issued in replacement of the lost reward.
  • The rewards redeemed by the customers will be delivered to them via electronic or physical medium, whichever applicable. Relevant information regarding the delivery will be provided to the customers (Tracking ID, Email & SMS notifications).
  • Himalaya reserves the right to choose the medium and partners for delivery of rewards.
  • The delivery of physical rewards will be done by third party partners and delivery time will be as per the partner. Himalaya will not be liable for any delays caused by third party partners.
  • All account details, service details, special offers, updates and any other information and promotional communications would be sent through various modes of communication, including SMS and email. By enrolling in the Himalaya’s Baby Royale program, a member consents to receive the information and communication from the Company and Himalaya’s Baby Royale as aforesaid. However, the Company shall not be responsible in any manner for any lost, delayed, incorrect, misdirected or incomplete communication.
  • Members are requested to update any change in their registered mobile number, address, and any other profile information from time to time on the Baby Royale App and site. By enrolling in the Himalaya’s Baby Royale program, a member consents to use and disclosure by the Company of his/her personal and other information as provided by member at the time of enrolment and/or subsequently. The member shall be responsible for providing accurate information, including name, address and mobile number, at the time of enrolment and subsequently. Company rely solely on the information provided by the member from time to time and shall not be liable for any incorrect information or failure on the part of member to forthwith update any information or any consequences arising thereof.
  • Himalaya’s Baby Royale is the property of the Company and the Company will be the custodian of all information pertaining to Himalaya Baby Royale, including the member details.
  • As a member of Himalaya’s Baby Royale, you will receive communication from Himalaya. Email us at call us on 080 4055 4823 to opt out of communication. In such events, we may not be able to provide you the benefits as part of Himalaya’s Baby Royale. Also, in case you choose to not share your name and/or mobile number, your membership from the program will be terminated.
  • Opt-in consent text will be given in the Welcome SMS sent post enrolment. If the customer does not raise any concern post this, it means the customer agrees to Terms and Conditions and opts in for receiving communication.
  • If a customer does not wish to receive any Promotional messages, then the customer will have to raise a request for the same via the Himalaya Baby Royale Program portal via the short-code sent in the Welcome SMS and then customer will receive only transactional messages.
  • The Company reserve the right to change, cancel, and modify any and all of the terms and conditions from time to time without assigning any reason or providing any intimation, including participating portals, ongoing activities for earning points, and threshold values, reward structure relating to the Himalaya’s Baby Royale program, or discontinuation of the program itself at any point in time.
  • In the event of a dispute between the member and the Company, with regard to or in relation to the Himalaya’s Baby Royale program, the decision of the Company shall be deemed as final and binding.
  • All the terms and conditions are subject to the Indian law, and disputes, if any, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bangalore Courts.
  • By enrolling in the Himalaya’s Baby Royale program, a customer consents to and agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions mentioned herein or as modified or varied from time to time by the Company.

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